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I love colours and playing with colours and unusual designs. I especially enjoy manipulating the style and colours of real and virtual world images - where possible.

In 2006 I discovered a project in Second Life by the band Duran Duran and took over the management of this project in 2010. The most interesting part of working in the Virtual world of Second Life is working with Avatars and the increasing possibilities to make them look real. It is also possible to play with environment settings in an almost unlimited way to create different and surreal lighting moods. This does't just apply to Avatar portraits, but also to any kind of virtual still life portrait.

Big is Beautiful

Regardless of whether the subject is Real or Virtual - I find that images become even more surreal when they are presented in very large dimensions and I think it is especially appealing to present a subject in a much larger version of it’s original size. The unusually large size enhances the effect of colours and design and also highlights interesting details. Almost all the images here are available for purchase and have been created from high resolution original photos or Second Life snapshots that have been digitally reworked and interpolated to create oversized art works.