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Actually this website is not about me, it’s about my work but… I was born in a small German town in 1970 and showed a keen interest in art and photography from a very early age. As a teenager I had my first eye-opening art experience during a School trip to the Ludwig Museum in Cologne where I first saw the amazing blue art of Yves Klein. Since then ultramarine blue or IKB (International Klein Blue - the name for the colour patented by the artist) has been my undisputed favourite colour. After looking at other monochrome and abstract art, it was clear to me that colours can have a huge impact on people and I found this extremely fascinating.

A few years later, during my freelance work for a local newspaper, I became involved in professional photography and realised pretty quickly that I had a good eye for photos.

I find it a bit odd when people elevate themselves with this kind of Artist “self presentation” and am not trying to stand out from the rest of humanity through some kind of intellectual “blah blah”. I am just someone who enjoys creating images that have a visual impact.

Whether something appeals to someone visually or not lies ultimately in the eye of the beholder and cannot be influenced by what anyone says. If people like my work and want to share in the fascination for my images that's great, if they don't - then they don't. In addition to my recreational work with colour and designs I am also lucky enough to have a regular day job that also has a lot to do with colours and creativity.